by Glen Swartwout

Most water, even filtered water, is depleted in electrons, acting as an oxidizing agent to speed aging and degeneration of the body tissues.  Even the purest Reverse Osmosis water is dead water, depleting the body of crucial nutrients over time.  Healing water technology allows us to make rejuvenating water that is enlivened with electrons, and which is also more penetrating, wetter water that is alkalizing and therefore enhances  oxygen bioavailability and metabolic efficiency.  This healing water is also a better solvent, and thereby more detoxifying as well as a better delivery system for nutrition to  all of our cells.  What kind of water is this miracle water?

Micro-Restructured Water:

Acid & Alkaline-Electrolysis-Water

Super-charged ion water has proven its efficacy in detoxification and rejuvenation regimens. Recent findings in Japan indicate that alkaline electrolyzed drinking water carries anti-oxidant properties far surpassing all other known nutritional sources to date. The anti-oxidant property of this water, produced through home-based units, is greater than even pycnogenol which is twenty times stronger than vitamin C and fifty times more powerful that vitamin E. Vincent’s studies in Europe found that the acid/alkaline balance (pH) and the Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP or rH2) of the water we drink determines the energy in our bodies (in microwatts, as calculated by the Nernst equation), and that the balance of these two factors determined susceptibility to disease, as well as balanced health.

Antioxidants Formula Molecular Weight
Electron e- 0 daltons
Water Molecule H2 O 18
Urea C1 H4 N2 O1 60
Restructured Water Cluster (H2 O)5 to (H2 O)6 90-108
Betaine (TMG) C5 H12 N1 O2 117
Ascorbate (Vitamin C) C6 H7 O6 175
Alpha Lipoic Acid C8 H14 O2 S2 206
Coral Water Cluster (H2 O)13 to (H2 O)15 234-270
Catechin C15 H14 O6 290
Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A) C20 H28 O2 300
Glutathione C10 H17 O6 N3 S1 307
Quercetin C15 H10 O7 338
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) C29 H50 O2 431
Beta Carotene C40 H56 536
Lutein C40 H56 O2 569
Zeaxanthin C40 H56 O2 569
Astaxanthin C40 H52 O4 597
Hesperiden C28 H34 O15 611
Rutin C27 H30 O16 611
Ubiquinone-10 (Co-Q10) C59 H90 O4 863
Superoxide Dismutase SOD dimer 32,000
Glutathione Peroxidase GSH-Px 95,000
Catalase CAT 240,000

In Japan, a country with the world’s highest longevity, 10% of the population is now utilizing this specially super-charged water with unparalleled benefits to health. In both hospital and home environments, a variety of body dysfunctions include diabetes, digestive and immune related diseases have proven, in many cases, to have been eliminated.

The concept of reversing disease is based on the finding that this water is a universal solvent when taken internally. It is a solvent due to its polarity and tendency to form hydrogen bonds with other molecules. The human body, consisting of 60-65% water, depends on this water to facilitate all metabolic functions that cleanse, nourish, and build.

Living things are extremely sensitive to pH. They function best (except for certain portions of the digestive tract) when solutions are almost neutral. Most interior living matter (excluding the cell nucleus) has a pH of about 6.8. Blood plasma and other fluids that surround the cells in the body have a pH of 7.2-7.3. Numerous special mechanisms, called buffers, aid in stabilizing these fluids so that cells will not be subject to appreciable fluctuations in pH. Buffers concentrate and release ions as needed to minimize pH fluctuation in the body. The body does not like sudden radical change. We need plenty of alkaline minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium to be available for the buffering systems. Our body needs to be able to eliminate the acids that build up in our tissues and blood. In order to do this, alkaline minerals are needed to bond to the acids, to make acid salts, that can be eliminated through the urine. By consuming reduced alkaline Microwater, we insure replenishment of these valuable alkaline minerals, as though drinking from a fresh mountain stream.

The nature and purity of water is critical to health. In our modern world, with the emphasis in civilized countries on diets which are predominantly refined, processed and meat-based, these dietary trends tend to create an overly-acidic conditions within the human body.

Our bodies’ dynamic homeostasis depends on the ability to maintain the proper pH balance for cleansing and rebuilding on the cellular level. Years of poor eating habits, and stressful life-styles, are contributory factors to toxemia. These accumulated internal toxins are a breeding ground for a host of diseases, which unless purged become a hazard to human life.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) studies of water show that Microwater clusters are smaller.
The Microwater units were created specifically to augment the life promoting characteristics of water. This system produces alkaline ion-charged water and acid water via electrolysis. The absorption of vitally needed pure water into the cells is enhanced because of the reduced size of molecule clusters. Alkaline Microwater clusters are approximately 1/2 the size of normal tap water clusters.
Typical tap or filtered water clusterRestructured water: 10 times more penetrating Microwater quickly permeates the body augmenting the absorption of nutrients and the dissolution of toxins. Some scientific studies have shown that highly alkaline minerals, especially calcium, penetrate deeply into the tissues, as much as ten times more effectively than tap water. Calcium and other ionized minerals also carry tremendous potential to neutralize and eliminate the various acidic toxins stored within our bodies. These include inorganic acids in the form of uric acid (from eating too much red meat), phosphoric acid (from drinking soda), and oxalic acid (from nightshade vegetables). In the meantime, organic acids also influence the body’s ability to heal itself. Unless eliminated these build up as waste products of incomplete cellular metabolism, such as lactic acid.

Oxidation of biological molecules by active oxygen is also blocked by Microwater as its abundant electrons are donated to active oxygen free radicals, thus rendering them harmless. This makes Microwater the very best antioxidant. The damage to cells caused by oxidation is prevented along with disease and premature aging.

Effects of oxidation on vital organs

Oxidized tissue Leads to
Liver Hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer
Pancreas Pancreatic, diabetes, cancer
Kidney Nephritis, nephritis, cancer

Alkaline Microwater.

When taken internally, the effects of Alkaline Microwater are immediate. Microwater inhibits excessive fermentation in the digestive tract by indirectly reducing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamines, indoles, phenols, and scatoles, resulting in a cleaner stool within days after reduced (alkaline) water has been taken on a regular basis. Alkaline minerals are being used to neutralize stored acids. The charged water actually delivers oxygen precisely to the cells and tissues that need it the most! The cells that are oxygenated are those that have built up incompletely oxidized wastes due to congestion of the extra cellular space with stored acidic toxins. It is these stored acids within the connective tissue or cell matrix that often initiate the degeneration of cellular metabolism, by blocking the flow of oxygen and other nutrients into the cells. With the build-up of acidic waste compounds, the effects of any other tissue damage is magnified. To reverse this trend, providing extra oxygenation to the cells permits the cells to burn off the sludge waste deposits and revert back to normal, healthy cellular function.

Acid Microwater.

The nascent oxygen in this water has a bleaching function that can withdraw electrons from viruses, molds, fungi, parasites, and bacteria rendering them impotent. Disease causing microorganisms simply are unable to exist in a water medium of less than 3 pH. This water can be used to clean hands, utensils, meat, vegetables, fruit and to sterilize cutting boards and wounds. Better restaurants in Japan use the acid water successfully to prevent food poisoning. Similarly, controlled experiments in Japanese hospitals utilizing electrolyzed water, have effectively treated athlete’s foot, burns, insect bites and wounds, including bedsores and gangrenous limbs. No other antiseptics or topical antibiotics are required in hospitals using Microwater.

Acid Microwater has regenerative and astringent effects. It is beneficial for the overall beauty and health of your skin. As an astringent it tightens and rejuvenates the skin. When used as a rinse it prevents shaving rash and works as a styptic. It prevents infection and acts as a disinfectant for abrasions and cuts. Acidic ionized water can be utilized in assisting the body to heal itself of a wide variety of abnormal dermatological conditions. Hyperoxidized acid Microwater (pH lower than 2.7) with a redox potential of +1050 mV has been produced in Japan. It kills MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). Although it is a powerful sterilizing agent it won’t harm the skin. Hyper-oxidized acid Microwater is being used in Japan for the treatment of bedsores and instead of antiseptics during surgery.

Microwater extends the life of flowers and acts as a effective nutrient for plants. It is very stimulating to plants. Perhaps the most exciting future application of hyper-oxidized acid Microwater is in the field of agriculture where it has been used effectively on plants to kill fungi and other plant diseases. This water is being used in greenhouses and golf courses throughout Japan. The acid Microwater is non-toxic, so workers can apply it without wearing special protective equipment. In addition, there is no danger to the environment. In fact, they find it makes their skin look younger!

In the final analysis, bodily systems, designed for self-healing, institute a vast of complex of functions. For instance, the human liver is the largest organ of internal processing. It alone performs over 200 functions. Pure water can greatly assist our bodies in their ability to heal themselves.

The implications for the utilization of water that will kill viruses, molds, germs and bacteria does not stop with its relationship to treating bodily conditions. The acidic water is currently being used with success to kill molds, bacteria, germs and funguses that cause plant diseases. This helps to produce abundant crops and provides for a more effective alternative to toxic chemical spraying. Alkaline water produced by electrolysis is now being used very successfully in Japan to grow healthier crops. Its use encourages plants to absorb greater amounts of nutrients from the soil. If the topsoil is healthy and rich in an abundance of nutrients, the plants can absorb those nutrients that they need to promote growth.

One of the greatest hazards today is the toxic residues that can be left in the soil, the water table and the air, from the spraying of chemical pesticides. For instance, in Japan, one golf course alone can use as much as 2.4 tons of these chemicals per 18-hole course. These comprise over 150 types of diverse chemicals which a primary source of pollution. When golf course lawns are infected by several types of germs, the cost of applying chemical sprays can become prohibitively expensive. Conversely, as a long term investment, the decision to utilize strongly oxidized water instead, becomes a much less costly solution. Japan is now trying to reduce consumption of standard agricultural chemicals by 80% per year. Cost effectiveness is definitely an important consideration.

Considering a planet that is already overburdened in a variety of ways by the sheer impact of expanding global populations, now, more than ever before, rediscovering and utilizing such alternatives means for chemical-free applications can beneficially influence our very ability to survive. What will we pass on to our future generations? What will be their legacy?

Acknowledging the breakthroughs of acid/alkaline charged water’s potentials, we can look forward to achieving a greater overall synthesis of health and well-being.

Here are some examples of the results of drinking the most potent anti-oxidant you can put into your body. In Japan, with the highest longevity in the world, 8% of the homes benefit from this technology which started in the 1960’s and we are just finding out about it 30 years later! So let’s hear what some Japanese Alkaline Microwater drinkers have experienced:

  • No more jet lag and no colds in 2 years.
  • Eliminated lingering pain from an old shoulder injury.
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure, plus better stomach condition.
  • No more migraines, plus elimination of chronic constipation.
  • No more ringing in ears or dizziness.
  • Corrected high cholesterol and severe acne by combination of drinking electron water and washing skin with proton water.
  • Minimized use of prescription drugs, plus became able to maintain weight loss.
  • Improved circulation, eliminating problems with sweating and poor body temperature regulation, plus eliminated whiplash symptoms.
  • A doctor experienced intense seasonal itching which was eliminated, plus his blood pressure came down to normal.
  • Another doctor observed a diabetic patient who started drinking the water and after two months reduced her blood glucose level from 200 to 108. She was then able to reduce her insulin level.
  • A doctor with a weak immune system who started drinking the water felt healthy for the first time in 38 years. He also observed that his chronic constipation was corrected, and his hair stopped falling out.
  • Kidney stones were completely dissolved in 4 months.
  • An advanced cancer patient eliminated his vomiting in just 3 days, plus his appetite improved and edema was reduced.
  • The intolerable smell from bedridden patients at Meiseki Hospital was completely eliminated, plus the patients began to notice increased mobility. These effects were thought to come from a reduction in both the bad bacteria and related toxins in the gut, plus increased oxygenation to the brain.
  • A doctor noted that the water minimized allergic conditions and that babies who could not tolerate milk during the first few days after birth took an immediate liking to milk prepared with the water. He also observed that many skin conditions seemed to come from normal water stored in tanks for extended periods.


Experiences are starting to come in from users in America now, too. We can’t wait to hear your tales of healing and rejuvenation when you begin drinking your electrons. Here are a few stories you can share:

  • A bulemic patient who would vomit after meals completely eliminated this reaction. He also found that the water eliminated his craving for beer, which helped him to quit drinking the one or two six packs he drank daily. He also found that his wound healing ability increased tremendously.
  • A woman who had suffered from constipation for 30 years found complete relief with the water. Her appetite and general wellbeing improved, and although she is eating more and feared gaining weight, she has not gained any weight due to her improved metabolism.
  • One man who was in excellent health, but never liked drinking any kind of water, was surprised to find that he actually enjoyed drinking this water due to its smoothness and feeling of clear energy. He also noticed that the water dissolved and absorbed his supplements more rapidly.
  • An alcoholic beverage drinker was amazed that he no longer experiences any hangovers since drinking the water. His energy level has increased, eliminating the drowsiness he experienced frequently before drinking ionized water regularly. He says that his internal organs feel cleansed and that he feels much healthier.
  • An athlete found that the water minimized aches and pains from her intensive workouts. It also corrected some stomach symptoms, and it gives her a more even energy level that enhances her athletic performance.
  • A carbonated beverage drinker who never before enjoyed drinking water was able to get completely off sodas. He now feels less tense and sleeps better. The water has also eliminated his migraine headaches, while improving his appetite, yet reducing his weight!
  • One user who felt a definite increase in energy level and overall wellness attributed the changes to improved absorption of her vitamins.
  • A person who had been diagnosed with chronic diarrhea and was taking 6 prescription pills each day was able to eliminate both the condition and all medication. She also found that she could eat a variety of foods that she had not been able to tolerate in many years.
  • Someone suffering from ulcers had stopped taking her ulcer medication because it was causing nausea, and now feels better just by drinking the electron water. She also used the proton water to eliminate her athlete’s foot condition.
  • A microwater drinker in Hawaii reports relief of chronic dizziness from an inner ear condition after only about a week on the water. The symptoms were so bad that for years he would scream and hold his head when riding in a car as any corner was turned.
  • In Wyoming a diabetic man who works at a plant which bottles microwater found that by casually drinking the water while working, his insulin dosage dropped about 60% in the first month.
Research at Kyowa Medical Clinic in Japan shows a wide range of benefits from microwater:

  • blood sugar regulation
  • bowel regularity
  • cholesterol regulation
  • wound healing
  • blood pressure, circulation
  • immune function
  • detoxification
  • menstrual regularity
  • menopausal function
  • digestion
  • flora balance
  • elimination and odor
  • hydration

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, antioxidant water indirectly reduces endogenous toxins such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamines, indoles, scatoles, ethanol and phenols. It corrects dysbiosis, preventing bacterial putrefaction and fungal fermentation of toxins.

What a wonderful gift we have to offer with this water ionization system. Every home in America needs one to attain and maintain optimal health. In Japan, they call it ‘miracle water’ and while it is not truly a miracle, it is certainly a blessing which we can bring to those we love.

Uses of alkaline microwater:

Alkaline water is useful for drinking, making beverages and cooking. Give alkaline water to pets for drinking. In Japan, commercial water ionizers produce alkaline water for cattle, pigs, chickens and other animals.


Tea has more vivid color, is more mellow and delicious, and less astringent.

Coffee has a strong aroma and mellow flavor. Coffee is very acidic, whether organic, commercial or decaf. Microwater neutralizes the acids making coffee easier on the stomach. Blending roasted hemp seeds with coffee is also beneficial. Microwater reduces surface tension, making it a better solvent, so you need less tea or coffee to achieve the desired taste, yet with less acids and less caffeine.

Canned frozen juices and lemonade – use Microwater to reduce the acidity and better bring out the flavor of the beverage.

Alcoholic drinks made with Microwater ice cubes reduce the acidity of alcoholic drinks and prevent hangovers.

Cooking with Microwater:

Cook everything with Microwater: soups, broths, gravy, steaming vegetables. Microwater maintains its beneficial anti-oxidant, solvent and buffering properties when heated.

The flavor of food is brought out better than any conventional method of cooking. Use 1/3 less spice. The real taste of food is brought out and food is tender.

Rice and beans are a staple for many vegetarians, but all dry beans are acid forming. Rice is neutral to acid forming. Brown rice is more acidic than white rice. Presoaking beans in Microwater takes less time because Microwater has better permeability. Microwater also neutralizes some of the acidity of beans. Cooking beans with Microwater reduces the acidity further. People who are sensitive to beans have less gas. Cooking rice in Microwater tastes better, and the cooked rice grains are bigger and fluffier.

Vegetables steamed or parboiled in Microwater don’t lose color as Microwater doesn’t destroy chlorophyll. Green vegetables come out vibrant green.

Soaking and cooking fish in Microwater eliminates fish odors, the flesh stays firm during cooking, and the shape is maintained.

Soaking and cooking red meat, chicken, or organ meats like liver: presoak in Microwater for 20-30 minutes to draw out blood and toxins. Cooked with Microwater, beef and chicken taste better.

Traditional methods of cooking use beef bones for broth for the gelatin content. Broths support integrity of conective tissues. Bones can be presoaked in Microwater and cooked in fresh Microwater. The broth will be more flavorful and nutritious.

Grains are acid forming. Soaking and cooking grains in Microwater makes them less acidic, easier to digest, and better tasting.

Grains sprout faster in Microwater. Alkaline Microwater speeds the opening of flower buds and enhances growth of flowers and plants.

Homemade jams and jellies combine alkaline forming fruit with acid forming sugar. Make these more wholesome by using Microwater to reduce acidity and better preserve the natural color of the fruit.

Microwater contributes to better color when dyeing garments.

Acid water uses: 

Acidic ion water has an astringent effect and a constricting action, while strong acidic water (superoxide) has desinfecting, sterilizing and bleaching effects.

Beauty and cosmetic effects

The human body is alkaline by design, and acidic by function. The acids produced by cellular respiration are eliminated through channels of elimination including the skin. The skin is protected by an acid mantle, yet many people destroy this protection regularly by using alkaline soaps. We can restore and enhance this protection by using acidic ion water for washing the face, rinsing the hair and bathing, together with High Tech Hygiene soap.

Washing the face with the acid water makes the skin smooth, improves its health and improves tolerance of make-up. The mild astringent effect helps prevent premature wrinkles.

Shampooing: rinse the hair with acidic ion water before and after shampooing to protect the scalp, prevent hair loss, dandruff and itching and leave hair soft and manageable.

After shaving, splashing on the acid water protects the health and beauty of the skin, gives a fresh, clean feeling, prevents shaving rash, and helps stop bleeding from nicks faster (coagulating effect).

Baths: add 3 gallons of the strongest acidic ion water (on the highest setting) to bath water. This makes the bath water more acidic, softer and more compatible with the pH of the skin.

Damp sponging the body using strong acidic ion water supports overall health and beauty of the skin. The Japanese wipe the body with waffle weave towels steamed in acidic water.

After showering, pour a gallon of strong acidic ion water over the head and body for pH balancing and invigorating effects.

Grooming animals: acidic Microwater supports the health of the pet’s skin and makes their coat shinier, especially in conjunction with drinking alkaline Microwater with added MSM powder.

Home remedies

Due to its slight desinfecting and sterilizing action, the acidic water is a simple home remedy endorsed by the Ministry of Health in Japan.

Gargling with the acid water effectively replaces commercial mouthwash that contains carcinogenic synthetic alcohol, artificial flavors and colors. Low pH kills certain germs and bacteria that may cause colds and sore throat. This also helps bleeding gums.

Nose irrigation: when catching a cold snort cold acidic ion water into the nostrils, one at a time, covering the other nostril with a finger, or using a nasal irrigation bottle. Then gargle with warm acidic ion water.

Pain from burns and sunburns is alleviated with strong acidic ion water, as it relieves inflammation and speeds up the recovery.

Bruises and sprains immerced fully in acid ion water achieve quick pain relief and accelerated recovery.

Eczema and skin problems have accelerated recovery with direct application or a wet compress.

Abrasions and cuts benefit from desinfecting action and faster coagulation of blood.

Chapped hands are prevented and recovery accelerates.

Uses in cooking

The shrinking (constrictive) effect of acidic water can be used in cooking.

Wash and process fruits and vegetables containing anthocyanin (red color): cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, asparagus in acid water, just as alkaline ion water preserves chloropyll. Plants retain their bright colors after cooking.

Boiled eggs: even if an egg cracks during boiling the contents stay inside, and the shell is easier to peel. The yolk will stay in the middle of the egg as well.

Cooking beans: kidney beans and peas cook quickly, and retain their natural color.

Rinsing fish: tightens the body of some fish.

Soaking meat and chicken: acidic ion water can be used as well, especially if you are concerned with the possibility of bacterial contamination.

Soaking fruits and vegetables: certain fruits and vegetables are hard to wash properly: grapes, strawberries, radishes, green leafy vegetables. They can’t be scrubbed like apples or may contain soil and dirt residues in hard to reach places. Soak for 15 minutes in acidic ion water to dissolve dirt and residues better and have some desinfecting effect against possible bacterial contamination.


Washing walls, counters, tile and vinyl floors, etcetera: dirt and grime are removed easier as microwater is a better solvent with a lower surface tension.

Washing and polishing mirrors, glass, eyeglasses, knives.

Washing cars, motocycles, bicycles.

Pots and pans with baked on food: soak in acidic water overnight for easier cleaning.

Dishcloths, laundry: overnight soaking in strong acidic water has bleaching effect.

Cut flowers: acidic water prolongs life of cut flowers.

Some plants like roses that like acidic soil can be regularly watered with acidic water for better growth and flowering.

Pet grooming: washing pets with acidic water leaves their coat lustrous, supports proper pH of the skin, and helps reduce or prevent itching.

Against the bunk of a Debunker:

I’ll reply briefly to the bottom line summary points of a debunker’s web-page where it says:

“The bottom line

Here, in a nutshell, are the conclusions I have come to after having viewed a large number of sales sites for these products. See farther on for more background and detailed analyses of some of the sales claims.
[1] * “Ionized water” is nothing more than sales fiction; the term is meaningless to chemists.
[2] * Most water that is fit for drinking is too unconductive to undergo signficant electrolysis.
[3] * Pure water can never be alkaline or acidic, nor can it be made so by electrolysis.
[4] * Groundwaters containing metal ions such as calcium and magnesium can be rendered slightly alkaline by electrolysis, but after it hits the highly acidic gastric fluid in the stomach, its alkalinity is gone.
[5] * The claims about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water are not supported by credible scientific evidence. There is nothing wrong with drinking slighly acidic waters such as rainwater.
[6] * If you really want to de-acidify your stomach (at the possible cost of interfering with protein digestion), why spend hundreds of dollars for an electrolysis device when you can take calcium-magnesium pills, Alka-Seltzer or Milk of Magnesia?
[7] * Electrolysis devices are generally worthless for treating water for health enhancement, removal of common inpurities, and for scale control.”

Here are my replies, point by point:

1. The water undergoes chemical processes known technically as filtering and electrolysis.

2. Most potable water contains enough minerals to produce an anti-oxidant drinking water, that is, with a negative oxidation-reduction potential, as measured with a standard ORP meter. Most ‘potable’ tap water has an ORP of about +600 mV without this corrective procedure, meaning it ages the body by stealing electrons, acting as an oxidizing agent.

3. “Pure water” has no standardized definition, but both reverse osmosis filtered as well as filtered and distilled water are generally considered relatively pure. Both are typically acidic. Hydronium (H3O+) ions do exist even in theoretically 100% pure water, and depending on the relative concentration of protons (H+, or free Hydrogen nuclei) and electrons (e-), such molecularly pure water will still exhibit the property of pH (acid or alkaline), since electrons and protons are components of the water molecule (as components of the Hydrogen atom) rather than an impurity.

4. Ions are in an electrically charged state as salts. They are not in a metallic state. The degree of alkalinity achieved by electrolysis is typically in the range of pH 9 to 10, which is more than slight, as this is a logarithmic scale. It is a true statement that the pH of the stomach acids will be only slightly affected by drinking this water, which is a good thing. This does not negate the beneficial effects of the alkaline minerals, which are still present and being further prepared for absorption by the stomach acids, nor does it negate the benefits of the free electrons which act as the smallest, most penetrating anti-oxidant in the body, nor does it negate the beneficial effects of the increased solvent power of this water due to reduced size of the water clusters, nor does it negate the 10x increase in the penetration of this water into the lymph, interstitial spaces and cytoplasm to deliver nutrients and remove wastes.

5. First noted in epidemiological studies in Japan around 1979, and several years later confirmed by multiple studies in Europe, the rate of cardiovascular disease is significantly lower in communities with the most alkaline water supplies. Even before this, by the 1960’s there was enough clinical research evidence for this technology to be approved as both a clinical and a home medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health. About 10% of households in Japan, the nation with the highest longevity, utilize this technology. By the way, acid rain is what causes fish to suffocate, because oxygen is bound significantly be even a slight drop in pH.

6. We don’t want to de-acidify the stomach. We want to support every cell in producing the correct pH for its normal healthy function, including the two acid forming organs: the kidneys and the stomach.

7. Our purpose is for health enhancement, and my experience as well as that of many Japanese physicians and hospitals, this technology is indispensable. The pre-filter is the part of the process that deals with removing toxins such as chlorine from the water. (For scale control, magnetic technologies are helpful.)

I hope this information is helpful in coming to a deeper and more balanced understanding of the technology as well as the modus operandi of debunkers.

See Microwater Unit comparisons.


Acid Microwater is the perfect water for hydrotherapy applications.  Superoxide water is appropriate as well, and in certain instances such as gangrene, is essential.


Repeat once a day in acute or chronic conditions.

Have wool blankets on hand to prevent chilling.

Lie in bed, on back, topless.

Lay 2 towels wrung out in hot water on the front of the body for 5 minutes, covering from hips to shoulders and also covered by wool blankets.

Replace the 2 towels with a single towel wrung out in cold water, and chilled in the freezer if necessary, for at least 10 minutes, while covered with the blankets, removing the towel only when it has become warm.

Repeat, lying on front, placing towels on back.


Apply hot towels to the area (e.g. the eye) for 5 minutes, followed by 10 minutes with the cold towel, as above. This sequence may be repeated a second time immediately if desired and the whole half hour sequence repeated a second time later in the day. Repeat daily for maximum stimulation of the local metabolism and circulation.

Super-Oxide: Water:Chemical-Free Sanitizing with Water, NaCl and IonizationPowerful ionization separates the qualities of mild salt water in 2 chambers:

  • acid-oxidizing (Phase 3): water for any skin-cleansing (disinfection)
  • alkaline-reducing (antioxidant; Phase 2): water for dilution as a healing-drink.

With a measure of the salt for the water of each chamber is with the 15-minutes ionization-action for the 2.5-pH: acid-water with the uses for any disinfection: clinical, industrial, and personal-applications.


Super Oxide water kills bacteria, viruses and fungi with any contact. For this reason Super Oxide water has proven successful in the Soviet Union and Japan where it is used in hospitals, medical and dental clinics, on golf courses, crops and in green houses, in food processing areas and restaurants.

Superoxide water is the best astringent water available and free of any chemicals. The portable super-oxide water system produces water with an Oxidation-Reduction-Potential (O.R.P.) measurement of +1,100 millivolt or higher.

Superoxide water is fast and easy to produce and cost effective as it replaces many expensive farm pesticides and fungicides, as well as all topical antibiotics. It is especially environmentally friendly, as well.

Hand Disinfection Systems:

Microbes can be an issue in food handling, patient care and personal hygiene. Food processing plants need to prevent microbial contamination with E.ColiSalmonella and Lysteria. Hospital environments need to prevent nosocomial infections of MRSA, MRSE as well as strains of HBV and HCV. Disinfecting water is the ideal medium for hand washing and general disinfection:

  1. Health care workers are committed to improving clinical hygiene disciplines and also care about the effects chemical disinfectants have on their skin.
  2. The myriad of disinfection media often often require a series of steps to ensure proper disinfection of the hands. Whether this requires a certain mixing ratio between tap water and the solution, or whether it requires a soap wash prior to the use of the disinfectant, or whether it requires a certain period of exposure time for disinfection to occur, this takes time, thought and introduces potential for human error.
  3. An electronically-controlled process producing a disinfecting medium has garnered a strong acceptance by Asian hospitals and national Health Ministries, even replacing all topical antibiotics. This modern approach to hand disinfection uses high-tech electronics for electrolytic ion separation in a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly aqueous medium.


  • No lingering negative after effect on hand and skin
  • Disinfects a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Expeditious for disinfecting microbes
  • Solution is natural
  • Solution is compatible with medical and scientific instruments
  • Minimal solution waste due to controlled processes
  • Environmentally safe and socially responsible
  • Very low electrical consumption
  • Byproduct ensures that bacteria do not develop immunity

Advantages over other disinfectant methods:

Negative Effects Disinfectant Effects
Disinfectant Envir Inst Skin Bact MRSA Res Fungi Spore HIV
Glutaral + + Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sodium Hypochlorous Acid + Y Y Y Y N Y
Ethanol + + Y Y Y Y N Y
Wellpass + Y Y Y Y N Y
Isopropanol + + Y Y Y Y N Y
Provodine Iodine + Y Y Y Y N Y
Dilute Iodine Tincture + Y Y Y Y N Y
Cresol Soap Liquid Y Y Y N N N
Benzethonium Chloride + + + Y N N N N N
Chlorohexidine + + + Y N N N N N
Amphoteric Detergent + + + Y N N N N N
Superoxide water + + + Y Y Y Y Y Y


  • Envir = Environment
  • Inst = Instruments
  • Skin = Skin & Hands
  • Bact = Standard Bacteria
  • Res = Resistant Cells
  •  = Caution
  • + = Safe
  • N = Not Effective
  • Y = Good Efficacy


  • Kills bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms
  • Sanitizes and disinfects
  • Etches and cleans
  • Soil remediation
  • Food: equipment, storage, preparation.
  • Meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable bacterial decontamination.
  • Medical and veterinary sterilization of equipment, pre-op, surgeries, eradication of resistant super-bugs, wound treatment
  • Kill fungal, rust diseases and pests in crops, orchards, flowers, green houses
  • Dairy sterilization and udder washing
  • Golf course and turf fields
  • Vinyard equipment and bottling operations
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Military operations requiring multi-purpose sterilization uses in the field
  • Bathing to alleviate eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, athletes foot, gangrene, ulcers and other skin conditions
  • Super oxide water is highly sporocidal (unlike most decontaminants)
  • Kills microorganisms and viruses in extremely short contact time
  • Applied concentrations do not bleach surfaces
  • Solutions for multiple purposes in different forms: liquid, ice, fog
  • Solution and residual by-products are non toxic
  • Byproducts are environmentally friendly and do not leave any synthetic chemical residue
  • Low energy consumption
  • On-site generated solution, eliminating inventory, storage, transportation, and numerous regulatory and safety issues associated with traditional chemicals in commerical use.

Effective against:

  • Acinetobacter, calocoaceticus
  • Aerobacter, aerogenes
  • Aeromonas, hydrphila
  • Agrobacterium, tumefaciens
  • Alcaligenes, facealis
  • Bacteriodes, sp.
  • Blastocistisis, hominus
  • Bucillus, subtilis
  • Candida, albicans
  • Corynebacterium, equi
  • Enterococcus, faecalis
  • Erwinia, herbicola
  • Escherichia, coli
  • Flavobacterium, sp.
  • Haemophilus, sp.
  • Klebsiella, pneumoniae
  • Leuconostoc, mesenteroides
  • Micrococcus, flavus
  • Micrococcus, luteus
  • Moraxella, bovis
  • Mycobacterium, ssp.
  • Neisseria, gonorrhoeae
  • Proteus, vulgaris
  • Pseudomonas, aeruginosa
  • Pseudomonas, flurorescens
  • Rhodopseudomonas, viridis
  • Salmonella, enteritidis
  • Sarcena, lutea
  • Staphylococcus, aureus
  • Streptococcus, faecalis
  • Treponema, pallidum
  • Vibrio, parahaemolyticus
  • Xanthomonas, campestris


  • Dimensions – 9.5W x 11D x 15.5H
  • Weight – 6.7 lbs.
  • Capacity – 1 gallon
  • Power supply – AC 100-120V, 60Hz
  • Electrical – 50-70W, 0.5-0.7 A
  • Fuse – yes
  • Water – Tap or filtered
  • Operating conditions – 41-104 degrees, 0-85% humidity
  • ORP – +1000
  • pH – 2.7 or lower
  • Processing time – 7-15 minutes
  • Electrode life – 1700 hours

Comes equipped with:

  • Two, 2 liter pitchers
  • Measuring spoon
  • Operating guide
  • Litmus sticks
  • Acidic/Alkali stickers (red) and (green)