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by Glen Swartwout

Healing is fundamentally self healing.  No doctor or medicine heals a wound, but merely support and stimulate, or even interfere with the body’s intelligent process.  The body forms granulation tissue to mend itself.  Health care can interfere with the body’s wound healing process, like anti-inflammatories and anti-biotics do by over-alkalizing the tissue from a sol to a gel state, or support it like how Methyl-Sulfonyl Methane (an organic sulfur nutritional supplement) helps reduce any excess scar tissue and restore circulation and function, when taken after a wound has sealed itself… Even if that wound happened decades before!

Blood letting

Blood letting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have only heard of two double blind studies on surgery, and both found no advantage to real surgery over a mock procedure.  One was on open heart surgery, and the other arthroscopic knee surgery.  Blood letting may be more evidence based, as long as it is performed on people in high energy terrain (Phase 4 in my 5 Phases of Healing model), and preferably not performed by humans.  Leaches do a much cleaner job!

With untold resources poured into patent medicine for nearly a century now, we should be able to see the results of this modern experiment.  We are spending more on disease care, but our increases in longevity are attributable to improvements in public health knowledge and practices, not those of our medical system.  There are systemic issues in our current approach involving financial incentives in the most lucrative industry in the world today.  Most pharmaceutical research is funded by the industry, and most of the unfavorable results go unreported, while some of the favorable results are fictitious.  In the typical best case scenario, a drug may actually work for the parameter being manipulated, but does it make us healthier?  Were we really deficient in a toxin?

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Church and cresent moon

Church and Moon in the Cathedral of the Heavens…  Are a culture’s highest aspirations reflected in its tallest structures?

by Glen Swartwout

The more we know, the more questions we are able to pose about the nature of this world.  Though our soul may live forever, we will sustain our state of awe and inspiration as we learn more Truth of what is…  Feel free to request my contemplations in answer to any of these, or your own favorite questions.  I am working on answering these, and am happy to prioritize my writing according to your interest.

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