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Hey! Check out what I just posted!

Hey! Check out what I just posted!

Questions about the Clinical Theory Certification Course starting September, 2014.

Hey! Check out what I just posted about what’s wrong with most eye exercises! {link}

Hey! Check out what I just posted about what’s wrong with most eye exercises!

by Glen Swartwout

Though we have different gifts and different degrees of development of those gifts, we all share some capacity for non-local communication, both receptive and expressive…

Should we consciously impose boundaries upon this innate capacity? Yes, and we express these according to our capacities and values. I have twice been asked to test people after they passed over. That was beyond my boundary to comply. I require some ascent from the person I am to communicate with non-locally and non-verbally (energetically) for permission to enter their field, the boundary of their life force.

Do we have innate boundaries that cannot be overcome by intent? Yes, I think we cannot help but have boundaries, by our very nature. Our life exists within the divine, which of its nature also has particular form and boundaries. This is how even that which is deficient or devoid of the essence of life can exist, such as the region external to the divine life we call Hell, or the region of Purgatory between the defining double layer that defines the integrity of the Divine we call Heaven. I think all boundaries are ultimately made in the image of that double layer. The structure of all is cellular in its fractal unity.

An issue I see sometimes in biocommunication is when there is a deficient state of the psychic immunity.  It most often accompanies a similar state in the immunity of the bio-body suit.  In this unprotected state, that is in the absence of full presence by the biology and spirit of the organism, parasitic entities, both biological and non-corporeal may find available energies on which to feed.  Nature abhors a vacuum, so when we provide a niche, whether it is unutilized sugars that feed fungi

English: picture i took of plasmaphone during ...

Plasmaphone during a musical performance in 5 states of matter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Glen Swartwout

For an introductory slide show, see my new story board outlining 9 important states of matter for understanding how mind matters, both in the sense of how the mind of the creator manifests in the 8 other states of matter described in this model, as well as how this creation supports the function of celllular states of consciousness within the overall conscious fractal hologram.  We are truly cells in God’s body.

9 States of Matter

This is the first layer of foundational understanding for my model of the infinite conscious living fractal holographic universe of which we are vital cells.

I start out by looking at states of normal localized matter, from high thermal energy to low, beginning with plasma.  Along the way, we will look at some mixtures of different (or similar) states called colloids, as well as a unique type of liquid crystal that turns out to be the most common state of molecules in biological systems.  In the end we will also look at some exotic states of matter which relate intimately with consciousness and the source of all existence…  States that are particularly important in my model of biological potential and consciousness are in bold. Read the rest of this entry »

by Glen Swartwout

Repigmentation in Vitiligo

One in every 200 Americans suffers vitiligo, a localized loss of pigment produced by the melanocytes in the skin. During embryogenesis, melanocytes come from the neural crest tissue which forms the endocrine glands and the peripheral nervous system, so they are part of the Communication System and melanin is actually made of neurotransmitters!

English: Vitiligo of the hand in a person with...

Vitiligo of the hand in a person with dark skin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Related conditions include:
Thyroid Disease
Adrenal Exhaustion and Addison’s Disease
Hearing Loss
Sweating Abnormalities
Depigmentation and Inflammation in the Eyes
Mental Depression
Parkinson’s Disease

Vitiligo is also clinically linked with:
Pernicious Anemia
Diabetes 1 & 2
Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata)
Nutritional Deficiencies
Chronic Candidiasis
PolyGlandular Syndromes 1 & 2 Read the rest of this entry »

by Glen Swartwout

Acne Rosacea

English: Rosacea. Erythema and telangiectasia ...

Rosacea. Erythema and telangiectasia are seen over the cheeks, nasolabial area and nose. Inflammatory papules and pustules can be observed over the nose. The absence of comedos is a helpful tool to distinguish rosacea from acne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5% of the population are affected, including many Celts, and Women over 30. There are 4 often-overlapping Types:

1. Erythematotelangiectatic: facial redness
2. Papulopustular: bumps & pimples
3. Phymatous: enlarged nose
4. Ocular: eye irritation


by Glen Swartwout

It is often associated with other Phase 1 (blocked energy metabolism), System 2 (blood and immune function) issues including Hepatitis C (80%) and other viral issues, blood cancers, and other Phase 1, System 2 autoimmune issues including Sjogren’s, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, in which immune dysregulation could be triggered by Mercury (Hg), other toxins in combination with xenobiotic stressors.

Preventive Considerations

The causes and their prevention are not medically known, but Cryoglobulinemia is a blockage of circulation due to clumping of immune proteins and blood with decreased tissue temperature. Cryoglobulinemia is associated with many Phase 1 autoimmune and viral diseases, therefore intracellular detoxification and restoration of cellular energy function should be considered. Avoid cold temperatures and use FIR to counteract exposures to help prevent the protein clumping. Normalizing both hyperimmune reactivity and hypoimmunity in relation to viruses and other xenobiotics with natural immune modulators (rather than simply blocking immune function with immunosuppressant drugs) would appear to make clinical sense while following the Hippocratic oath to first do no harm (primum non nocere).

Therapeutic Concepts

Temperature regulation: Increase temperature in affected tissue with FIR with acute symptoms, since protein clumping is reversible with increased thermal energy. FIR penetrates into tissues, unlike other forms of sauna. Ultimately, intracellular detoxification for correcting the underlying metabolic blockages that are resulting in low tissue energy production and thermal regulatory capacity will be essential to reversing the hidden causes of thermal sensitivity. Read the rest of this entry »

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