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by Glen Swartwout

In my work with the Remission Foundation, I come across many new and interesting health products. For the first time in my 20 year career as a doctor, I have found a product that consistently treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit, accelerating the process of living, healing and learning to a new standard. Read the rest of this entry »

by Glen Swartwout

Good nutrition is important for a healthy body.  And a healthy body helps provide us with the opportunity to develop our spiritual gifts of the mind and the heart.

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hanging on the wall of my office for years I have displayed a favorite quote, adopted as the mission statement of the Hawaii Center for Natural Medicine: “The power of nutrition enables one to exercise the senses and from sensory experience, the intellect gains concepts and so the will is freed to choose.”  What is most remarkable to me about this statement is that it was written by Thomas Aquinas by the year 1273 A.D.

Hanging on the wall of my office for years I have displayed a favorite quote, adopted as the mission statement of the Hawaii Center for Natural Medicine: “The power of nutrition enables one to exercise the senses and from sensory experience, the intellect gains concepts and so the will is freed to choose.”  What is most remarkable to me about this statement is that it was written by Thomas Aquinas by the year 1273 A.D.

But is it also possible that there is food for the soul itself?  What is the substance of the soul?  Does it have a material substrate?

I visualize existence as composed of hierarchies angels (God’s creative thoughts) living in 9 states of which science now confirms the first 5 by direct measurement, with indirect observation of another 2, and the final two remaining in realm of contemplation, revelation and faith: Read the rest of this entry »

Life and Death.

by Glen Swartwout

by Glen Swartwout

History of Kinetic Theories of Gravity (condensed and modified from Wikipedia with added notes and a new theory by GMS)

Nicolas Fatio

Nicolas Fatio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kinetic (push or shadow) theory of gravity first proposed by Nicolas Fatio de Duillier in 1690. Later Georges-Louis Le Sage in 1748 termed the particles ultra-mundane corpuscles.  (GMS: Might we be seeing them today as Dark Energy?)

Variations of this theory remain the only mechanism proposed for gravitation. Objects partially absorb corpuscle flow, causing a shadow of reduced corpuscle density around objects, and thus a net pressure pushing the objects together.In order to cause a gravitational force, collisions must not be fully elastic, or reflected particles must be slowed, so that their momentum is reduced after impact.
The imbalance of momentum flow over an entire spherical surface enclosing an object is independent of the size of the enclosing sphere, while the surface area of the sphere increases by the square of the radius. Thus the momentum imbalance on a particular body follows the inverse square law observed for gravity, as do similar electrical forces.
Matter is mostly space, and ultimately just standing waves of energy, so very small particles or very high frequency waves mostly pass through unattenuated. It is now found that gravity acts based on all energy, not just particulate matter.

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by Glen Swartwout

Healing is fundamentally self healing.  No doctor or medicine heals a wound, but merely support and stimulate, or even interfere with the body’s intelligent process.  The body forms granulation tissue to mend itself.  Health care can interfere with the body’s wound healing process, like anti-inflammatories and anti-biotics do by over-alkalizing the tissue from a sol to a gel state, or support it like how Methyl-Sulfonyl Methane (an organic sulfur nutritional supplement) helps reduce any excess scar tissue and restore circulation and function, when taken after a wound has sealed itself… Even if that wound happened decades before!

Blood letting

Blood letting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have only heard of two double blind studies on surgery, and both found no advantage to real surgery over a mock procedure.  One was on open heart surgery, and the other arthroscopic knee surgery.  Blood letting may be more evidence based, as long as it is performed on people in high energy terrain (Phase 4 in my 5 Phases of Healing model), and preferably not performed by humans.  Leaches do a much cleaner job!

With untold resources poured into patent medicine for nearly a century now, we should be able to see the results of this modern experiment.  We are spending more on disease care, but our increases in longevity are attributable to improvements in public health knowledge and practices, not those of our medical system.  There are systemic issues in our current approach involving financial incentives in the most lucrative industry in the world today.  Most pharmaceutical research is funded by the industry, and most of the unfavorable results go unreported, while some of the favorable results are fictitious.  In the typical best case scenario, a drug may actually work for the parameter being manipulated, but does it make us healthier?  Were we really deficient in a toxin?

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by Glen Swartwout


English: The Shekinah Glory Enters the Taberna...

The Shekinah Glory Enters the Tabernacle; illustration from The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons. Edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer. 1908. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does the body of the creator manifest in the creation?  The nature of this world is ultimately unique and individual for each perspective.  Yet, like our unique source, we are inseparably linked to that individuality from whence we arise.  Fractal beings from fractal beings. Life from life.

In the vortex of the Shekinah Glory, God the Father’s undeniably manifest presence on Earth, the souls swirl around as a cloud of smoke by day, and the light of glory shines through as fire by night.  If we accept the ancient accounts, do we know our Father’s presence in this by his power?  Or is it by his purpose?  The Shekinah Glory guided and protected those who were escaping the slavery of Egypt…

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by Glen Swartwout

Triunity…   A braid of three makes a strong functional rope…

Late metaphase: The centrosomes have moved to ...

Late metaphase: Within the cell membrane (red) the centrosomes (green) have moved to the poles of the cell and have established the mitotic spindle (green). The chromosomes (blue) have are assembling at the metaphase plate.  We can think of the blue as the memory of the past, the red as the container of the present, and the green as the movement into the future. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the body, this is the form of a neurovascular bundle, the structural correlate of the acupuncture points, where they penetrate superficial layers of electrically insulating fascia.  How does this wonderful structure of life develop?

The DNA may only be a single or double helix, but there is space for a third, a structured water conduit that can increase in conductivity 10,000 fold with the presence of Bose-Einstein Condensates that make up the conscious spirit body.

When cells undergo mitotic division, both during embryological development as well as during repair of tissue damage, the condensate capped microtubules of the cytoskeleton guide the DNA through the replication of the cellular torus…

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Church and cresent moon

Church and Moon in the Cathedral of the Heavens…  Are a culture’s highest aspirations reflected in its tallest structures?

by Glen Swartwout

The more we know, the more questions we are able to pose about the nature of this world.  Though our soul may live forever, we will sustain our state of awe and inspiration as we learn more Truth of what is…  Feel free to request my contemplations in answer to any of these, or your own favorite questions.  I am working on answering these, and am happy to prioritize my writing according to your interest.

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WMAP image of the (extremely tiny) anisotropie...

WMAP image of the anisotropies: heat from Big Bang or limit of visibility due to heat lost to cosmic plasma?

by Glen Swartwout

The human mind wraps itself around the nature of all that is, this music of the spheres, and comes up with a model, a scribed score, a complete map of the all.  Well, almost all, or at least as much as we are able to take in and mentally organize.  Modern science offers a spectacular array of theories about the nature of aspects of our world, but many of these are mutually incompatible.

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Are we not but cells in this one body, a living universe of which we are our own sufficient proof?

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